Welcome Message


We're glad you found our website. Highrock is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church taking root in neighborhoods across Greater Boston. We believe in the power of the local church as a place where you can connect regularly to God personally; a place to discover authentic relationships with God's people; and a place to connect to God's purposes for your life.

We are a community of ordinary people seeking to live out the radical good news of Jesus Christ both in the Boston area and around the world. Our community strives to be a place welcoming to people of all ages, especially those who don’t feel they have a place where they belong. Whether you are a professed Christian or a person with more questions than answers (or both!), we invite you to come to Highrock Lexington and experience our community’s attempt to worship God and live out the values of Jesus’ mission of serving people with love.

We have resumed in-person services! Join us at 10:00am on Sundays. If you cannot meet with us in person then please stream our worship service Sundays at 10:00am with Highrock at Home.


Pastor Robert Bloodworth