Highrock North Shore Selects Brynn Harrington as Lead Pastor

Highrock North Shore has selected Brynn Harrington as Lead Pastor, the first female to be named to that role in the Highrock Network. Pastor Brynn was formerly the church’s associate pastor and has served in leadership since helping plant the church eight years ago. Former Lead and co-founder Aaron Engler resigned from his position in late August to pursue opportunities in his home state of Minnesota.

“We’re thrilled that Brynn is able and willing to step into the role,” Matt Modaff, who chairs the church’s leadership board, said. “We’re excited about what is ahead for her and for our community.”

Because Pastor Brynn has shared preaching and leadership duties since the church began, she was already well known to many at Highrock. The church voted in September to forego the standard step of forming a search committee and nominate Pastor Brynn immediately instead. Church leaders felt, Modaff said, “that God had already provided the lead pastor the church needed.” Votes for the nomination and confirmation of Pastor Brynn as Lead Pastor were unanimous.

Highrock North Shore will celebrate Pastor Brynn's installation via Zoom at 2:00pm Sunday, November 1st. Howard Burgoyne, superintendent of the ECC East Coast Conference, will lead the service, which will be broadcast live from the church building at 10 Dane St. in Beverly. All are welcome to attend the service at this link. Following the service, there will be a drive-through reception from 3-3:45pm in the parking lot at 10 Dane St.