YAC: Fall Retreat

Saturday and Sunday, October 16th and 17th
10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Arlington & Surrounding Towns
United States
Justin Choi

Staying Grounded in the Midst of Change

If there’s anything that’s constant about (young) adulthood, it’s change. Whether we decide for ourselves or not, change is a constant challenge we face. Throw together a new career, new city, and new relationships, and life can quickly become overwhelming! And somewhere along the way, we might find ourselves lost or confused by the choices and paths that are before us.  

What can keep us grounded in the midst of all the change and uncertainty? How do we find our way as individuals and as a community when relationships and paths that once anchored us have changed? What are the tools that can help us navigate from point to point in the unfamiliar terrain we find ourselves on?

You’re invited to consider these questions with other young adults as we make ourselves available to hear from God and one another on the Young Adult Community (YAC) Fall Retreat on October 16th and 17th.

Two Days of Activities!

On Saturday, we'll start in Arlington and then go to Medford, Everett/Chelsea, and Lexington for activities. On Sunday, we'll worship together in Arlington before heading over to Malden! 

Curious what activities we'll be doing? Let's just say there will be worship, discussion, shared meals, laughter, walks outside, archery tag, bowling...and maybe even some axe throwing! See the full schedule here.

Cost is $65 per person for the weekend (assistance available - contact Justin). Please RSVP by end of day Oct 7th.

Whether you want to participate in every activity, or just come out and watch, we hope you'll join!

Questions? Contact Justin Choi at justin@highrock.org