Joining a small group is one of the most significant ways to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus and with others. Small groups are a way we commit to walking our spiritual journey in a subset of the larger church community; a trusted place where you are known and can be free to share and give and receive support.

If you’re looking for relationships joining one of our community groups or serving in a ministry are great places to start. Then, as relationships grow, you might consider joining or starting a small group with one or two other friends.

Small groups with openings typically welcome new members at the start of a season, sermon series, or book study. To find out about small group openings or to inquire about leading one, contact the leader of a community group that aligns with your interests or life stage.

Current Small Group Materials

Centered: Moving Towards What Matters Most

Are you in or out? This is a question that has come to define many communities, especially spiritual ones. Do you believe the right things, say the right things, act the right way? If so, you can join. If not, you're out. But what if there were a different way? A way that puts life with Jesus at the center, and invites everyone to move towards that life together, regardless of difference? We want to be a community like that at Highrock. As we end the summer, we'll look at the six Affirmations from our denomination, the Covenant Church, that shape the center of our church and invite all of us to transformation and relationship. We hope you'll join!

Follow along with the sermons and find discussion questions to use with your small group in our Centered Series Companion (found on

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Small Group Facilitator Orientation

Considering leading a Small Group? Maybe you are rearing to go, or maybe you feel called to lead, but ill-equipped to do so. Present and future facilitators are invited to attend a Virtual Small Group Facilitator Orientation where you will learn that leading it isn’t about having the right answers but rather about having a posture of listening and curiosity. Group dynamics, expectations, and navigating difficult situations will be covered too! 

This orientation is given over Zoom a few times during the year, although the materials can also be used by an individual outside of a formal group session.

To find out more, contact Abby Rice at




Looking to start a group and need content? We have a whole library of content and resources available through the Highrock Online campus. Click below to start exploring!


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