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Fall Launch 2022

A freshly curated list of groups, gatherings, events, and courses being offered this fall!

Highrock Highlights

Sermon Series: More Than a Meal: God's Table of Healing, Hope & Hospitality
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Fall Theology Lab - American Evangelicalism: Family Conversations

Join this season's Theology Lab for a series of “family conversations” featuring guest speakers who are influential in contemporary evangelical discussions.

Edible Theology Bread Baking Workshop

Get your hands in the dough and connect with God through food!

More Than A Meal Campaign

Participate in a meal that means more!

Growing With: Guardians & Parents

Want to connect well with your teen or tween?

Upcoming Events

October 5
8:00 pm

Find opportunities to transform your daily life as both scripture and science give you a new perspective and practical tools.

October 6
7:30 pm

Learn how to foster and facilitate transformative conversations in a small group setting.

October 6
7:30 pm

Pull up a “seat” and explore six significant meals from the Bible in this six-week online small group.